President Trump's Cabinet scorecard: Who's been confirmed?

Last Updated Feb 17, 2017 2:37 PM EST

Confirmed (in chronological order)

Defense: James Mattis (confirmed 1/20, 98-1)

Homeland Security: John Kelly (confirmed 1/20, 88-11)

CIA: Mike Pompeo (confirmed 1/23, 66-32)

UN Ambassador: Nikki Haley (confirmed 1/24, 96-4)

Transportation: Elaine Chao (confirmed 1/31, 93-6)

State: Rex Tillerson (confirmed 2/1, 56-43)

Education: Betsy DeVos (confirmed 2/7, 51-50 with Vice President Mike Pence casting tie-breaking vote)

Attorney General: Jeff Sessions (confirmed 2/8, 52-47)

HHS: Tom Price (confirmed 2/10, 52-47)

Treasury: Steve Mnuchin (confirmed 2/13, 53-47)

Veterans Affairs: David Shulkin (confirmed 2/13, 100-0)

Small Business Administration: Linda McMahon (confirmed 2/14, 81-19)

OMB: Mick Mulvaney (confirmed 51-49. John McCain opposed)  

Environmental Protection Agency: Scott Pruitt (confirmed 2/17, 52-46)

Not yet confirmed

Commerce: Wilbur Ross (approved by voice vote by Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation, 1/24)

HUD: Ben Carson (unanimously approved by Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, 1/24)

Interior: Ryan Zinke (approved 16-6 by Senate Energy and Natural Resources, 1/31)

Energy: Rick Perry (approved 16-7 by Senate Energy and Natural Resources, 1/31)

U.S Trade Representative: Robert Lighthizer (nominated 1/3, hearing TBD)

Director of National Intelligence: Dan Coats (nominated 1/5, hearing TBD)

Agriculture: Sonny Perdue (nominated 1/18, hearing TBD)

Labor: Alexander Acosta (nominated 2/16 after Andy Puzder withdrew 2/15, hearing TBD)